Our Services

ClarkSolutions caters for a variety of clients, including industrial sites, office buildings, construction sites, food manufacturers and medical centres.  As our clientele may vary, so do their requirements, but the one thing that remains the same is our commitment to their satisfaction. As our reputation is important to us, especially in the growth stages of our company, we thrive on not only providing our clients with the utmost service at present, but to ensure we can provide them with our services for many years to come.


ClarkSolutions provides commercial cleaning for a wide range of customers, from industrial sites, office buildings, food and medical industries. We provide all our customers with a cleaning schedule specific to their needs to ensure customer satisfaction. We keep constant liaisons with our cleaning staff to improve procedures and our suppliers on the introduction of new materials and equipment to improve our cleaning services.


ClarkSolutions have been providing construction cleaning to a number of leading building developers and growing larger in this industry. We provide construction cleaning for office refurbishments and office fit outs for existing buildings and construction cleaning for new developments.

We keep up to date on the Enterprise Bargaining Agreements with the CFMEU and other requirements that are vital for cleaning staff to be on construction sites. We are committed to ensuring Occupational Health & Safety, Safe Work Methods and Quality Management. With a friendly attitude, commitment to high standards of work ethics and with an extensive knowledge of the cleaning industry, have brought together a team of professionals to offer superior customer service and a high standard of professional cleaning.


ClarkSolutions provide skilled and reliable construction personnel to the building industry. Through our hiring process we ensure that we provide our clients with short term or long term experienced labour hire, eliminating the recruitment process for our clients. We understand the requirements and procedures of providing construction personnel which include our commitment to Occupational Health & Safety. On request, we can email or fax our rates and terms and conditions.


  • Building Labourers

  • Carpenters

  • Concreters and concrete patchers

  • Form workers

  • Self Levellers

  • Traffic Management

  • Steel Fixers

  • Spotters

  • First Aid


We offer our customers a range of toiletries and hygiene services. Our suppliers are the leaders in the industry and produce quality products and consumables. We will visit your premises and recommend products and services to ensure you have an Occupational Health & Safety environment.


  • Sanitary bins

  • Air Freshener dispensers

  • Hand soap dispensers

  • Urinal and WC sanitizing systems

  • Paper dispensers and consumables


ClarkSolutions provides commercial cleaning for a wide range of customers, from industrial sites, office buildings, food and medical industries.

•  Hard flooring maintenance

•  Window cleaning (internal & external)

•  Initial and vacate cleaning

•  Flood damage work

•  Steam cleaning

•  Auto sweeping & scrubbing

•  Washroom services

•  Toiletries and dispensers

•  Construction labour hire